Page 1: Completion Guide

You are applying for a place on the BARIToNE Collaborative Training Partnership (CTP). This CTP offers PhD projects across multiple industrial partners in collaboration with the Universities of Dundee and Nottingham. More information on the programme and the projects on offer by each partner can be found here.

Before you begin, you can view the questions you will be asked during your pre-application if you wish: a PDF copy of the form is available to download from the BARIToNE webpage.

We recommend that you type up your answers in a separate document e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs, this will allow you to check spelling and correct errors before entering the text into the online pre-application form.

Once you have started the pre-application online, you can choose to come back to it later if you wish. Selecting the ‘Finish later’ option at the bottom of each page will provide you with a link to your part-completed form, which you can bookmark or email to yourself.

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