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Hello, my name is Emma Craig and I am studying an MSc in Social Research Methods at the University of Dundee. I am running a study into social attitudes and HIV awareness within Northern Ireland. All participants must be aged 18 or over, and must either be currently resident in Northern Ireland or have grown up there. All responses will be kept strictly confidential and governed by data protection legislation. The following survey will be carried out anonymously and requires participants to answer questions on topics which may be sensitive, such as personal views towards same sex relationships and people living with HIV. However, participants may withdraw from the survey at any time and in doing so all previously recorded data will be deleted. The survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete.  This research is governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and information collected will not be used to identify, or attempt to identify, individual respondents.


If you have any questions regarding the study and/or you would like a summary of the research output please contact me at

By selecting "Yes" you will be consenting to the following:

  • I understand the purpose and nature of this study and I am participating voluntarily.
  • I agree to participate in the study.
  • I grant permission for the data generated from this survey to be used in the researcher's publications on this topic, and for anonymised findings to be shared with relevant organisations.
  • I understand that no information that could lead to me being identified will be shared in any reports or with anyone else.
  • I understand that I can withdraw from the study at any time.
1.1. I consent to participating. Required