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The Age-Friendly Living Ecosystem (AFLE) project team are trying to find out how best to design age-friendly intergenerational places and spaces. These are places where people of all ages feel comfortable and are able to enjoy time together, interact and actively participate in community activities. They are places that consider people of all ages and spaces that promote respect, equality and social connectedness. Your input will help us to build a project proposal to support the development of age-friendly intergenerational places.

The AFLE project is funded by the Scottish University Insight Institute. Co-leads of the AFLE project are: Prof Judith Sixsmith and Dr Mei Lan Fang, University of Dundee, and Mrs Alison Hamilton-Pryde, Heriot Watt University.


Answer as many questions as you can and as honestly as you can. 

Tell us what you think, there are no right or wrong answers.

The more detailed your answers, the more helpful they are. 

Please note that by completing the survey, you are agreeing for the information that you've provided to be used for project dissemination purposes (ie. in our reports, publications, posters, website etc.). We will keep any personal and/or identifiable information private and confidential. All data will be protect and stored on secure, University of Dundee and Heriot Watt University servers.

In the following questions:

*Think of the word "intergenerational" as meaning people of all ages.

*Think of younger people as individuals under 25 years of age and older people as individuals over 65 years of age.

Can you please tell us a little bit about you?

1.1. How old are you?
2.2. How would you describe your gender?
3.3. In normal circumstances, how often do you interact with people who are younger than you (outside the immediate family)?
4.4. In normal circumstances, how often do you interact with people who are older than you (outside the immediate family)? 

Intergenerational Places and Spaces

11.11. Have you been to a space that you consider to be ‘intergenerational’?